Star Training Institute

"Your Course To The Future."

Instructor-Led Autodesk Authorized CAD Training for 2D and 3D design and drafting.

Investing in formal instructor-led training enables you to put yourself or your company on the fast track to gaining powerful new capabilities. Our training programs are designed to accelerate adoption of technology and help you realize a better return on your organization’s technology investment.

Our Autodesk Authorized Training Courses are designed to help save time and money by improving productivity, avoiding redundant processes and unnecessary rework, and optimizing production workflows in a wide variety of industries and professions.

Our instructor-led classes allow you to ask questions, explore ideas and produce sample work - equipping you to make the most of the software products available to you in your work environment. By engaging and dialoguing with our instructors, asking plenty of questions, and collaborating with others in your class, you’ll leave with understanding and knowledge of industry best practices, things that just can’t happen as effectively without structured, instructor-led training.

Our philosophy is that training should be relevant and effective.

We believe:

  • Instructor-led training is the best way to increase competency and capability for most individuals and within most organizations.
  • The needs of our clients form the basis for all our training classes. The specific goals and objectives of our clients take priority over the outline or course materials.
  • Your time is valuable. An hour with one of our instructors should be equivalent to 2 to 4 hours or more spent on your own.
  • Your capabilities and skills using the products we teach should increase significantly after our training. It’s not just about what you know; it’s about what you can do.

We realize that each individual attending class has specific goals and objectives that are important to understand. Therefore we do our best to collect and communicate that information ahead of time so your instructor can be properly prepared.


If you have a particular training requirement that is more than what the typical software course can provide, Star Training Institute is the right place. We can provide a course that covers both the software and your company’s unique production workflow. We will customize a class to make sure it covers the experience level of your team. Classes can be based on your company’s specific challenges and project requirements.

Some advantages of on-site training are:

  • Training can be done either on-site or in a remote location, limiting travel expenses and time out of the office.
  • Training can be designed to incorporate projects from your current workflow.
  • The course curriculum is customized with the help from our instructor to meet your special needs.
  • Your course outline is personalized for your group according to their skill level.
  • Books and materials are hand-selected by the instructor according to your custom outline and your needs analysis.
  • Scheduling class dates are more flexible
  • Students can freely share company information among the group during training.